File a Compliment or Complaint


If you wish to make a complaint about the actions of an officer, civilian employee, or about the operation of the Police Department, you may do any of the following:

1. Visit the Police Department at 3909 Walnut St., South Carolina, 29569 during normal business hours, and verbally convey your complaint to any member of the department.

2. Call the Police Department by phoning (843) 756-4000 and asking to speak to an officer to take your complaint or requesting to leave a voicemail for the Office of Professional Standards.

3. Submit the complaint via email to (

4. Write/mail your complaint to the Police Department at 3909 Walnut ST. Loris, SC 29569.

5. Click the Online Complaint to fill out the contact form with the information you wish us to investigate. Be sure to select the proper Department.


A supervisor can assist you in filling out a complaint form, upon request. This complaint form will ask you to identify yourself and give specific details about your complaint.

Your complaint will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for review and assigned for investigation.

You may be contacted by the investigating staff member and asked additional questions.

After your complaint has been investigated, the Chief of Police or their designee will contact you to explain the outcome and what has been learned.

Some information may not be available, such as disciplinary actions, where covered by personnel regulations.



Contact Info

Lt L Williams
Professional Standards Investigator
3909 Walnut St. Loris, SC 29569